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We are happy to announce a new feature rolling out today to all our CStorePro customers, enabling you to print shelf labels for prices and promotions, directly from your account in CStorePro.

One of the hottest trends in today’s grab-and-go market is freshly prepared food. Whether it’s sandwiches, hummus and vegetables, fresh fruit, or simply a cup of coffee, consumers are leaning toward quick, fresh, and packaged items. 

But did you know that as a business owner, the packaging those grab-and-go options come in can be a fantastic marketing opportunity for you?

Operating a gas station can be a lucrative enterprise, especially with the rising profits of the industry within the past few years. While true, it’s important to remember and realize that gas stations don’t run themselves! (shocking, we know!)


Like any business, there’s a lot to track and manage, especially when it comes to accounting. For that reason, gas station management software is a must have for any new owner, or those who aren’t currently using it.

A new era is dawning on the C-store industry. Not only are consumers expecting more ethical day to day operations and purchasing decisions, but they’re looking for increased convenience and lower prices.

While some chains have managed to successfully incorporate grocery store methods and even create a rabid fan base, as is the case with Wawa, Wegman’s, and Sheetz, many c-stores are still trying to find their footing in today’s market.

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