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Delivering a consistent experience to your customer is a key part of convenience store management. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to go about this. By focusing on these areas, you can be sure you’re building your band positively, and delivering a consistent experience to your customers.

Late last year, Amazon continued its march into the private label business with the launch of their latest offering, Amazon Wickedly Prime. Featuring organic snacks, and with the promise to launch more products, Amazon has set its site on some frequent convenience store targets.

EMV Cards, or “chip cards,” have been around for a little while now. Your c-store or gas station has no doubt already been fitted with new chip card readers, and your customers are increasingly presenting chip cards for payment.

EMV cards represent a new step in the fight against credit card fraud and identity theft. Unfortunately, the technology behind them can be confusing, and many stores and even customers aren’t quite sure how they’re supposed to help.

It’s the mantra of every retailer: Providing customers what they want will keep them coming back and increase revenue. It sounds easy enough, but do you really know what your customers want? Or more importantly, do you understand them at all to know how to turn them into loyal customers?

Working with family can be a difficult experience. It can be hard to separate the employee/co-worker from the person you love and care about. At the end of the day, it can be a challenge managing a convenience store while trying to work efficiently alongside family members.

In a time where more companies are looking to streamline their processes and become more efficient, many c-stores and gas stations are still tethered to the old ways of printing receipts or taking stock of their inventory.

One of the biggest changes hitting the C-Store industry comes in the form of new technology. Like other businesses, new apps and programs are emerging to make business life a little easier. The C-Store and gas station industries are no different. New technology, including back office management software is here to help.

Are grocery stores becoming a thing of the past?

With growing competition in the inventory management sector, many convenience stores and gas station are turning toward the cloud to solve their inventory needs. Cloud based inventory management is not a new concept, however it is quickly gaining ground as more and more companies look to the cloud for more efficient methods of management.

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