Inventory Management Software

Eliminate hours of extra work with a simplified inventory tool for Convenience Stores
Know your exact inventory

CStorePro gives you the exact count of each item in real time

Easily track purchases
Input purchases by uploading EDI files or by scanning in deliveries via the CStorePro app
Get accurate margins and inventory reports
Get reports for inventory at cost and retail by item, department, category and vendor and more:
  • Sales/purchase ratio, sales/retail ratio
  • Margins by retail, inventory change and actual sales
  • Purchases by item, vendor and category
Know your exact shrinkage
Take actual inventory and cycle counts quickly using the CStorePro app, and get detailed shrinkage reports for each item
More to love about inventory management
Automatically link items to cases or cartons
Identify slow moving or dead items
Track vendor rebates
Cost and margin change alerts
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